Yesterday, I went to the needlework exhibition at Woodlawn Plantation in Alexandria, Virginia. Click hereto visit the Woodlawn website. This is the 47th exhibition and wow is there a lot of needlework!

I am pleased to report several Point of It All customers won awards for their work:

Betsy Erickson won for her Christmas stocking and Silvia Termes won two awards for her ornaments. Diane King was awarded a ribbon for her standing Santa. (Not all of the needlepoint exhibited is Christmas related though; it just happens several POIA customers submitted holiday-themed pieces.)

It was really fun to see the diversity of needlework. There are lots of cross stitch samplers...very intricate and so detailed. I also enjoyed the Japanese embroidery pieces. As for needlepoint, there are several hundred pieces! They ranged from traditional pillows to wild Halloween boxes, purses, rugs, and framed pieces. I heard from a docent that the oldest person to submit needlework was a 93 year old woman! That gives me hope I can keep needlepointing for DECADES!

Happy stitching,